triple your direct orders
within 12 months
halve your average delivery costs
$10 million

saved in commissions by our restaurant
partners in 2023

Based on real data provided by customers.

What is Sauce Delivery?

Reach New Customers

Use Sauce’s wide range of effective marketing tools to grow your customer base, including SEO, Google My Business, Instagram Shops, and more.

Commission Free Delivery

We partner with delivery networks throughout the US and negotiated a flat $3 delivery charge per order for your restaurant

Your Guests; Your Data

Get full control of all your customers’ data, and connect directly with your guest, collect feedback, and make powerful decisions

Multi Channel Ordering for Pickup and Delivery

Grow your pick-up and delivery sales - through easy-to-use, multiple ordering channels that drive repeat business


Not another delivery company, not another marketplace

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Access to customers and ordering data
Commission Free Delivery Integration
Multiple delivery companies
Delivery Speed
Delivery Support
25 min wait
Directing Website Ordering
Facebook Messenger Ordering
Shoppable Instagram
Google Search Optimization to reach new customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Sauce is a commission-free pickup and delivery platform that puts local restaurants first and provides customer-friendly ordering, featuring tools that drive high-margin revenue directly through existing online assets, backed up with the best competitive local delivery costs in the market.

Any restaurant that makes deliveries will benefit from Sauce, especially restaurants that have a good Internet presence and a strong social following.

There are no hidden costs with Sauce. Sauce charges a monthly service fee for its software. In addition, we charge a service fee between 99c and $1.50 for each order regardless of order size.

No, not at all. In fact if you are already using one we encourage you to continue to use 3rd party delivery platforms to reach new customers. However, we think once you bring in a new customer, in order to reduce the hefty 3rd party commissions, you should encourage them to place their following orders through Sauce

Sauce offers a number of tools that will help you market your restaurant and grow your customer base. These include Google SEO and Business Tools to optimize your listings and get found by new customers, Instagram Tools that transforms posts and stories into a shopping experience without leaving the app and Feedback and Review Tools that collect feedback and showcase reviews. Unlike 3rd Party delivery platforms that market to build up their own customer base, Sauce helps you market and build up your own customer base.